Aster and Sam – Unplanned Pregnancy

Summary of the story

Sara watches her brother Sam leaving for a party and is upset that her brother gets more freedom that she does.  Sam arrives at a party with beer in his hand.  Sam meets Aster at the party and they start dancing.  Sam invites Aster to go and see his car.  They go to the car and have sex.  Six weeks later Aster messages Sam to tell him she is pregnant, presumably to him.  Sam says it’s not his problem.  Aster hasn’t been at the school for long and tells her new friend Sara that she is pregnant, Sara invites Aster to her home to talk about it.  Aster is surprised to find out that Sara’s brother is Sam.  Sam’s family are upset when they find out what has happened.

General questions to start discussions and explore the story

  • What’s happening in this story?
  • Explore points that are raised by participants – ask more questions about their statements.

Hints to prompt discussion

  • Communication between parents and children about their different values strengthens intergenerational relationships and helps develop respect for each other’s values.
  • Alcohol affects people’s decision making, and people sometimes take more risks when they are drunk than when they are more in control.
  • Sam should monitor his alcohol intake if he intends to drive home.
  • A couple having consensual sex should use condoms to prevent the risk of unplanned pregnancy and transmission of blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections.
  • Communicating important messages is best done face to face.
  • Both partners are responsible for ensuring they have safe sex, by using condoms for sex.
  • Both partners are responsible for the consequences of sex if they have not used condoms.
  • Families can provide good support in hard times, but family relationships can also be difficult. There are organisations which provide advice and support for people experiencing family difficulties.
  • There are many services available for people experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.