Facilitators Guide


Summary of the story

Grace and her friends decide to skip classes and go to John’s house.  John is the friend of one of the girls.  John asks Grace if she wants to go to his room, it is implied that he wants to have sex.  Grace tells John she can’t have sex until she’s married.  John respects her decision and they hang out together with their other friends.

General questions to start discussions and explore the story

  • What’s happening in this story?
  • Explore points that are raised by participants – ask more questions about their statements.

Hints to prompt discussion

  • Sometimes people make decisions that may put their safety as risk.
  • It is always good to let others know where you are going.
  • People have different values about sex. It is important to respect the values of others.
  • Having mutually respectful friendships with people of diverse genders and backgrounds can enrich our lives in many ways.

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