Solomon and Sally – Sexual Assault

Trigger warning: this module contains information about sexual assault and violence which may be triggering to survivors.

Summary of the story

Solomon and Sally are dancing at a club. They decide to go outside and start kissing. Sally decides she wants to go back inside, but Solomon wants to stay outside. Solomon starts to grope Sally and she tried to push him away. Solomon assumes that Sally actually does want to continue getting physical, as he thinks that she implied this by going outside with him and kissing him. Sally tries to push Solomon away but he persists and rapes her. The police come to find Solomon, presumably in relation to the rape.

General questions to start discussions and explore the story

  • What’s happening in this story?
  • Explore points that are raised by participants – ask more questions about their statements.

Hints to prompt discussion

  • Alcohol affects people’s decision making.
  • Going out with or kissing someone does not imply consent for any other intimate acts, such as sex.
  • The clothes a person wears does not say anything about their character or willingness to have sex.
  • You should always respect another’s person’s decision to remove themselves from the current situation.
  • It is your right to say no to sexual advances.
  • A person has the right to say no and can do this with body language as well as words
  • There are various types of violence: physical, sexual and verbal. There is help available for people who experience these.
  • Violence is never the fault of the victim, no matter where they are or how much alcohol they have had to drink.
  • People who get in trouble for causing violence can have access to counselling and legal services.