SHARE is designed for teachers, community groups, youth workers, and anyone working with young people.

Use our resources to start discussions about sexual health, healthy relationships, sexuality, gender and laws relating to these themes.

Our education modules should be used to prompt discussions about sexual health and relationships with young people, in a guided setting. Each module consists of :

  • A comic
  • A facilitators guide
  • Related fact sheets and services

We have designed the resources for use with people from refugee and migrant backgrounds, but they can be used more widely.


Each module is designed around a comic that represents a diverse range of people, cultures, and experiences, in situations that young people will relate to.

Each comic is a rich story that can be interpreted in multiple ways. There are intentionally no clear-cut morals in the stories, which we feel represents the reality of young people’s cultural diversity, and their lives.

The comics should be used to to prompt discussions about sexual health and relationships, in a guided way, without pressuring young people into talking about their personal situations or experiences if they don’t want to.

We have developed two versions of each comic. One version of each comic shows a relatively “negative” outcome for one or more characters in the story; the other shows a more “positive” outcome. Of course, there are positives in the negative stories, and there are negatives in the positive stories. Comparisons between the different versions of the stories will help prompt discussions about the different ways of responding to situations.

Facilitators Guides

To help guide discussions around the comics, each one comes with a facilitator’s guide. These guides provide a story summary, questions to help start a discussion, and suggested prompts to keep the conversation going.

The summary of the story in the facilitators guide is not intended to be read out to participants, it is a guide for the facilitator to put the story into context for themselves.

The modules are designed to be flexible. A facilitator may want to go through every issue presented in the comic, and through every comic over a course of time, or may want to simply use a comic on it’s own to start a conversation about sexual health or healthy relationships.

Fact Sheets and Services

Each of the comics comes with linked fact sheets for the facilitator to familiarise themselves with the issues presented in the comics, and for the participants to learn more specific information about the themes covered in the comics. The fact sheets can be downloaded as a PDF from each module page, or individually from fact sheet pages. Facilitators may also wish to hand out copies of relevant fact sheets after an education session, or keep them on hand should any questions arise about specific health issues.

Each of the comics also has information about services available, relating to the issues presented in the comic.

Please note that the services listed are only available within Victoria, Australia. Similarly, fact sheets have been written to reflect best practice in Australia only.